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Gate Motor Prices

Guide to 'How much does a gate motor cost?'

The cost of Gate Motors in South Africa


The price of a gate motor depends on a few factors such as: 

  1. Do you need the gate motor installed or just supplied? 
  2. What brand of Gate Motor do you want? 
  3. Is it for light use at your home or heavy duty use at a commercial property? 

Here are some average costs to give you an idea of the cost to buy and have a gate motor fitted. If you need a gate motor installed or repaired click here. For the Price of Garage Doors visit Garage Door Pros

(These are average costs that will vary with the exchange rate and location, these are not formal quotes and prices should only be used as an estimated guide). 

Price of Sliding Gate Motors

Price of Swing Gate Motors

Installation Costs

The price to install a gate motor can vary depending on many factors. A quick replacement installation can take 2 hours, a complex new gate motor installation can take 6 hours or longer. 

Installations are charged per hour excluding spare parts. We have agents across South Africa, depending on where you are located the hourly rate will vary slightly.

Rates vary from R500 – R800 per hour. 

You might find a cheaper installer but you will not find a more reliable and experienced installer. We have teams on the road and help over 850 homeowners every year. 

Our promise is not to be the cheapest but the best value for money, a cheaper installer might be lower cost per hour but take longer to complete the job. Worse yet an inexperienced gate motor technician could end up costing you money in repairs down the road. 

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