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Centurion D5 Gate Motor Troubleshooting Guide


Preliminary Checks 

  • Check the charge rate of the battery without the battery connected: 13.8V for D5-Evo/D5-Evo Low-Voltage.
  • Test battery voltage under load; should be no lower than 11V DC for D5-Evo/D5-Evo Low-Voltage.
  • Look at the date stamp on the battery and make sure that the battery is well within its usable life of three to four years from the date on the battery.
  • Check all visible fuses.
  • Check DOSS and sensor connections.
  • Push the gate open and closed manually and check that the gate is running freely and that there are no tight spots in the movement of the gate.
  • Check the state of the gate wheels, examining both the condition of the bearings and the wear on the rolling face of the wheel.
  • Check the condition of the gate rail and ensure that it is perfectly straight and not corrugated.
  • Check for excessive build-up of dirt on the gate rail which might affect its free movement, and ensure that there is no vegetation or anything else obstructing the movement of the gate.
  • Make sure that the rack mesh is within specification along the entire travel of the gate – the rack mustn’t press down onto the pinion at any point.
  • Check that the gate aligns properly with its closed catch bracket when closing.
  • Make sure that the gate is fitted with an adequate Endstop that will stop the full force of the gate when opening.
  • Make sure that the gate’s guide-rollers adequately support the gate in the upright position and allow free movement of the gate along its entire length of travel.
  • Check that the gearbox is securely mounted and properly aligned to the movement of the gate (i.e. parallel to the gate).

Symptom: Gate does not open/close, or gate runs a short distance and stops (Page 19):

  • Audible feedback: Four beeps periodically for ten seconds.
  • Possible causes: The operator is encountering a fixed obstruction, the operator is jammed into an Endstop, the gearbox is disengaged (D5-Evo/D5-Evo only), loose drive connection (battery or motor terminal), oil in DOSS chamber, faulty DOSS, sticky motor brushes.


  • Ensure that the gate is running smoothly and that there is nothing physically obstructing the gate, e.g. dirt or stones on the rail, rack pressing down on the pinion, bad rack joints, etc.
  • Connect the motor wires straight onto the battery to drive the gate in the opposite direction and release it from the Endstop.
  • Engage the gearbox by turning the thumbwheel anti-clockwise (D5-Evo/D5-Evo Low-Voltage only).
  • Ensure that drive connections (battery and motor wires) are secure.
  • Check for evidence of oil on the encoder by following the procedure below: (D5-Evo/D5-Evo Low-Voltage only)
    • Remove the DOSS and carrier so that the encoder wheel is clearly visible.
    • Disengage the gearbox.
    • Place your finger on the wheel.
    • Move the gate a metre or so in both directions.
    • Check your finger for oil.
  • Replace faulty DOSS.
  • Arrange service with an authorised workshop.

Please note that this is a general guide and the exact troubleshooting steps may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of your Centurion D5 Gate Motor. Always consult with a professional or the manufacturer if you are unsure.

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Centurion D5 Troubleshooting Tips An Tricks

Centurion D5 Troubleshooting Manual

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Still, struggling with your gate motor installation after following these instructions? Contact Pro Gate Motor today and get help today from a trusted partner in your area!

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