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ET 300 Gate Motor Installation Guide with Installation Manual PDF

ET Nice 300

Quick Installation Guide ET 300 Gate Motor

Cabling requirements (Page 8)

  • Before mounting the operator ensure your cables and conduiting are in place to prevent any inconvenience at a later stage.
  • All 220Vac mains cabling and circuits need to be installed by a qualified electrician and signed off by a registered electrician.
  • Allow for spare cabling in case of faulty cable & breakages (especially important when using low-specification cable).
  • As automation systems vibrate when in use, it is highly recommended that only multi-stranded, flexible cables be used.
  • If installing an intercom, remember to allow for sufficient cable cores for all the users of the system as per manufacturer cabling requirements.
  • The Drive 300 operators are designed to facilitate three 20mm conduits going directly into its housing from below. If more cabling needs to be routed to the operator, we suggest that a weatherproof electrical box be installed as a distribution box. All of the circuits can then be extended to the distribution box and terminated there.

Installing the baseplate (Page 9)

  • There are a number of different fastening techniques that can be used to fasten the baseplate in position. J-bolts kits are available as optional extras so that the baseplate can be cast in concrete. While this method offers a nice solid base it takes more than 48hrs to install as the concrete must cure properly before continuing with the installation. Whichever mounting method you opt for, the position of the base plate will always remain the same.
  • Here are the dimensions to use when positioning the base plate. The baseplate should be installed above the highest point of flooding that may occur with the runoff of water down the driveway.

Mounting the operator onto the baseplate (Page 10)

  • Removing the cover: The cover is secured in place by means of four screws. Using a screwdriver, remove the four cover screws and then raise the cover.
  • Mounting the gearbox: The gearbox is fastened onto the baseplate by means of two of each; M8 machine bolts, M8 washers, the security bracket mounting plates and M8 Nylock nuts. The gearbox distance from the gate can be adjusted backwards and forwards by up to 30mm. Remember to ensure that there is enough space allowed between the fascia of the pinion and the proudest part of the gate that passes the pinion. This is to prevent any part of the gate from snagging on the pinion as the gate runs.
  • Before tightening the gearbox down on the baseplate, insert strips of flat bar between 1 – 2mm thick, between the baseplate and the bottom of the gearbox. This will provide the correct rack-to-pinion spacing later on.

Decanting the oil into the gearbox (Page 11)

  • Remove the oil filler port screw. Decant all 100ml of the 80W90 oil into the gearbox.
  • Replace the oil filler port screw.

Electrical installation (Page 14)

  • As a gate motor vibrates when in use, it is strongly recommended that only multiple-strand flexible cables be used.
  • Before closing the unit, always remember to double-check that all connections are securely made, that there are no stray strands flaring out that can short circuit against other adjacent connections or bared wires and that no cables will be pulled loose when the cover is replaced on the unit.
  • Double-check the battery connections as loose connections can cause arcing and corrosion of the battery terminals.
  • Terminating the AC voltages: Please note the input voltages can differ but the control card, is the same for all the models.
  • The ACDC power supply requires 220v AC at the gate motor. This 220v AC must be circuited through a weatherproof all-pole isolator switch. This isolator switch must be installed within 1.5m of the unit, must not be installed within the workings of the system (the gate may not pass in front of it) and must be positioned so that it cannot be tampered with from the outside of the property. This circuit must be certified by way of a C.O.C. (certificate of compliance) by a registered electrician.
  • In the case of the plug-in transformer being used, where the low voltage 16v AC is run to the gate, there is no need for the all-pole isolator at the gate and the circuit does not need to be certified by a registered electrician*. The cable however must still be installed in its own dedicated conduit pipe and the basic principles of electrical safety standards should still be followed when selecting, working with and installing the cable for this circuit.

Installing the limit actuator (Page 16)

  • Push the gate up against the closed stopper.
  • Remove the rack screw (holding the nylon teeth to the steel angle) closest to being in line with the limit switch. Or in the case of steel rack, weld a M4 x 20 machine bolt upside down on top of the spine of the rack in line with the limit switch.
  • Fasten the actuator down onto the rack using either the M4 x 20mm self-tapping screw supplied with the kit or with a nut in the case of steel rack.
  • Adjust the actuator so that it is approximately halfway across the limit switch.
  • Move the gate open and then closed again. Ensure the limit LED comes on BEFORE the gate impacts with the closed stopper. Select positive close mode if the gate needs to close further than where the limit actuator triggers it. See page 29.

Control card programming and setup (Page 17)

  • The Drive 300 control card is equipped with an LCD display and interactive keys for simplified programming and diagnostics. All setup, of the various features, requires that the control card dashboard be used.
  • The control card programming and setup includes runtime setup, overload setting, safety beam setup, BT triggers operating mode selection and setup, pedestrian operation setup, receiver setup, and advanced menu.
  • For setting up a new user in the receiver setup, use the quick learn method or the advanced learn method as detailed on pages 22 and 23 of the document.

Please note that the document does not provide specific details on the electrical installation. Please refer to the original document for more information.

ET 300 Gate Motor Installation Manual PDF

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Installation Manual ET 300 Gate Motor PDF

Below you will find the link to the Installation Manual for the ET 300 Gate Motor

ET 300 Gate Motor Installation Manual PDF

Still, struggling with your gate motor installation after following these instructions? Contact Pro Gate Motor today and get help today from a trusted partner in your area!

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